The pommie mafia

The photo below was given to me by my relative Margaret Creighton who lives in Australia. It shows my great great grandparents Charles and Emily Abram (nee  Hutchings) surrounded by many of their children and their children’s families. When Margaret gave me the photo, she told me her husband used to refer to it as ‘the pommie mafia’.  I love this photo to pieces but can absolutely see where he was coming from on this.


Back row, from left to right: Will, Frank, Water, Mabel, Albert, George, Louis, Reg, Will (Millie’s husband), Bet-Martha (Louis’s wife), George (Frank’s son),
Front row, left to right: Gladys (daughter), Alice (Will’s wife), Vera (Will’s daughter, Emily, Violet, Charles, Kit (Albert’s wife) Gwen (Albert’s daughter), Millie, Annie (Frank’s wife)

Margaret’s father was Reginald (Reg) Abram and is pictured on the back row of the photo. Charles and Emily who were  married in 1880, are pictured front and centre, with their youngest daughter Violet, seated in between them  Violet was born in 1906 and lived to celebrate her 100th birthday in 2006.

When asked about the photo in her 100th year, Violet re-called a number of things.   The photo was taken not long after Walter and Mabel’s wedding and one of the brothers, George had come over from America to visit. The dress that Violet wore was of blue velvet.

Charlie Abram, my great grandfather, was not in the photo because he was in Africa serving in the war.  Violet remembered that Charlie had been married prior to marrying my great grandmother Millicent May Bowers and that his first wife had been a ‘dark skinned lady’. (Records show that Joseph’s first wife was Lucy Thompson, her father was William was a gardener and her mother was called Harriet. Joseph and Lucy married on 16 April 1906).

Violet said she was about the same age as Gladys (Frank’s daughter) but Gladys had died aged 29. She noticed that Theresa, who they called Sis, wasn’t in the picture but she couldn’t remember why and that Kit and Albert’s son Sonny had also died young but was unsure at what age.  Also, that there was at least two  other siblings but that they had died – one was a female named Mary the other was a male but she did not know his name.

After the war, Charles and Emily and my great grandparents Charlie and Millicent settled in England but many of the family emigrated to Australia.  Violet re-called that Rose (Kathleen) was not in the photo as she was already in Australia – she had left with her husband, an Australian soldier, around 1919 (see newspaper article below).


Reg followed in approximately 1922 – 1923 and Louis, Bet-Martha and Violet left around Christmas 1924, arriving in Australia on 9 February 1925.  They sailed aboard the Ship Esperance Bay on it’s maiden voyage, which was later turned into a battle ship in the Second World War and sunk. Violet was only seventeen at the time and is believed to have traveled as Louis and Bet-Martha’s daughter.  George didn’t want them to go and had tried to convince them along with Charles, Emily and other family members to go to America.

More photos

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