Four sisters and a brother

My grandmother Deilia Eileen Clarke was the daughter of Albert Edward William Clarke, a Northamptonshire Police Sergeant and Louisa Jane Shortland. Delia (known as Dids), born in 1916, was one of  six children, having four sisters – Dorothy, born 1904, Cecily Mary Clarke (known as Molly) born 1914,  Kitty (known as Kitten), born 1920 and one brother Edward Alexander (Teddy), who was born in 1906 and died, aged four, in 1910.  However my dad believes that Louisa Jane had a number of miscarriages and if these had not occurred, there may have been 11 or 12 children.

My grandmother married Louis Bowers Abram in 1916 and my father Michael was born in 1944. Oldest sister Dorothy married Henry Grey Faber in 1960.

Born in 1914, Cecily Mary Clarke, known as Molly, was the second oldest sister. She suffered with epilepsy and did not marry.

Kitty Alexandra was born  in 1920 and married Reginald William Jeffery, known as Bill. Together they ran a hairdressers shop in Brackly, Northamptonshire.

The photo below shows the wedding of Kitty to Bill, with her sister Dorothy and mother Louisa Jane stood to her right, together with Louisa’s brother Ernest Shortland.  Sister Molly can be seen standing at the back, second from the left.

Wedding of Betty ClarkeMore photos

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