Corona Virus kindness

As I get older, I regularly think that soon I shall reach an age where I will no longer be surprised by things … but then something happens, something I haven’t experienced before and didn’t see coming, that knocks me sideways and the Corona Virus is by far the biggest surprise of all.

Over the last few weeks the television news and social media have been wall to wall Corona Virus coverage and it is so important that we all know what is going on and play our part in helping resolve this situation that we find ourselves in.

However, this isn’t an opinion piece … over the last few weeks, I have become increasingly aware of many small acts of kindness, that people are doing, to try and help themselves and one another through this crisis, so the purpose of this page is to share some of these acts, as and when I become aware of them, in the hope that something here will be of help to someone.

Know of a kindness that might help someone through the next few weeks and months?  Please feel free to comment below.

Help and support





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  • NASA
    Entire media collection available for free

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